Central Ohio WR is a major sleeper

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Columbus (Ohio) Marion-Franklin High School has produced some tremendous talent in recent years which has made it a stopping point for all Midwest college programs that recruit the Central Ohio area. With that in mind, rising senior wide receiver Mike Winfrey has went mostly unnoticed to this point but that could change in a big way this fall.
The 6-foot-2, 190-pound prospect has had a tremendous off-season and dominated a recent 7-on-7 against Gahanna Lincoln and has many of the physical tools that Division I college programs are looking for.
"I think my strengths are my hands, my routes, and just getting open," Winfrey said. "I'm just working on staying focused and continuing to be a leader, just mental stuff like that."
At this point Winfrey hasn't had any direct communication with college coaches and did not camp anywhere over the summer.
"As long as I get a good education, that's really all I'm looking for," he said. "I'm interested in anyone that would be interested in me."
Winfrey will be the go-to weapon for Marion-Franklin offensively this season and will also get some work in at safety. He's hoping a big year will put him on the radar of college programs.
"My goals for the season are to maintain a 3.0 GPA, get some looks from college coaches, and hopefully some offers," he said. "I'd like to set some of the school records and improve all of my numbers from last year."
Below are highlights from the recent Marion-Franklin/Gahanna 7-on-7, Winfrey is in the black with the bright green undershirt.